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If you have been injured in a car accident that you believe another person was responsible for, you may have a claim for compensation. Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney John Willis is committed to justice and may be able to get you the results you deserve. A successful claim starts with the right Boca Raton car accident lawyer and it's imperative that you turn to an experienced, dedicated professional.

What Makes Us the Right Firm for Your Case?

At our firm, Attorney Willis handles all types of car accident claims, including the most significant cases. As a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, our lead attorney has been able to secure high settlements and verdicts for clients. He also boasts a 10.0 Superb Avvo rating and an AV Preeminent® from Martindale-Hubbell®. These are just a few of the aspect that set our firm apart.

Recent Car Accident Verdicts / Settlements:

  • $2.2 Million: Rollover Accident
  • $1 Million: Fatal Accident
  • $400,000: Intersection Collision
  • $145,000: Intersection Collision

Car accidents can come at a high cost; you may be left paying for medical expenses, lost wages and more. This can add up significantly and leave you with a cost you simply cannot afford. If there is another party responsible (i.e. drunk driver), they should be held liable, and pursuing a case should be a primary focus.

Types of Car Accidents

Being in a car accident of any kind can be a traumatizing and unsettling experience. After a car accident, it is important that you visit your doctor immediately to ensure that there are no serious injuries. For those injured in an auto accident there may be serious injury or wrongful death as a result of the crash. There are several different types of car accidents that may provide compensation for your personal injury claim.

Our car accident lawyers in Boca Raton handle a variety of car accident cases, including:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Side-Impact Collisions
  • Uninsured Motorist Accident
  • Single Car Accident
  • Head-on Collision

What is the Statute of Limitations?

It's important that you don't wait to take action because there is a statute of limitations on how much time you have to pursue a case. The time limit in Florida for a car accident case is four years from the time of the accident, but this window of opportunity can come and go much faster than you expect.

No-Fault Insurance Explained

Florida is one of a handful of States that still utilize a "No-Fault System." In its simplest terms, the "No-Fault System" requires every Florida resident who owns or registers a car in Florida to purchase auto insurance which includes PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Insurance. PIP insurance pays 80% of medical bills and 60% of lost wages up to $10,000 to injured auto accident victims regardless of who caused the accident. The law requires that any injured driver subject to the No-Fault Law use their insurance to pay their medical bills and lost wages before any other insurance has to pay, including the negligent driver's liability insurance. This is often described as the "PIP is Primary" rule by Florida attorneys.

How Much Does PIP Insurance Cover?

Effective January 1, 2013 the Florida legislature limited PIP coverage to only $2,500 unless the injured party received medical treatment from a doctor within 14 days and a medical doctor determined that the injured party had an emergency medical condition.

The "No-Fault System" also has some harsh rules for car accident victims:

  • If you elect to take a deductible on your PIP coverage, you are choosing to self-insure for the amount of the deductible. The negligent driver is not responsible to reimburse you for the deductible.
  • If you fail to obtain PIP coverage or the coverage lapses, the negligent driver is not responsible to reimburse you for the first $10,000 of your medical and lost wage damages. So the negligent driver caused it and you pay for it from your own pocket.
  • You may only be reimbursed for pain and suffering damages (also called non-economic damages) from the negligent driver if your injury is considered permanent or the injury results in scarring or disfigurement. This is not the rule in all other Florida injury cases like slip and falls or dog bites; only auto accident "No-Fault" cases.

Drunk Driving in Florida

There is no tolerance for drinking and driving in the state of Florida. Operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher is an unacceptable act of negligence that endangers the lives of countless people. In Florida, an individual caught driving while intoxicated faces penalties that include heavy fines, jail time, mandatory community service hours, license revocation, probation, and /or vehicle impoundment.

Second, third, and subsequent offenses can result in even tougher consequences. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident, the Boca Raton personal injury attorney at Willis Law, P.A. may be able to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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  • Dedicated and Professional Legal Representation

    “I had a personal injury and needed legal advice and assistance. After seeing all the advertisements and the unflattering commentary about Personal Injury Attorneys I was very cautious. I needed coverage for my medical bills and had no desire to get rich. John put me at ease from the beginning. He said in no uncertain terms that if I was there to get rich he would not represent me. Instead John and his excellent assistant Helene were professional and treated me as if I was their only case. Their guidance through complicated insurance claims and negotiations with the medical billing offices allowed me to concentrate on recovering from my injury. No, I did not get rich. but my claim was effectively and reasonably resolved and I could not have made it with out John and Helene. Anyone seeking dedicated and professional legal representation, Willis Law will be an excellent choice!”


  • Amazing, BRILLIANT, Compassionate, Creative...

    “Amazing, BRILLIANT, Compassionate, Creative...”

    Jason M.

  • They relieved my stress and worry immediately.

    “Mr. Willis managed my case with effectiveness, efficiency, and with kindness. After the initial contact, Mr. Willis and his secretary, Helene, made it so that I never had to make another phone call or supply any further information. They relieved my stress and worry immediately, and that continued throughout to the conclusion of my case. Both Mr. Willis and Helene were accessible, caring, and responded to my questions quickly. I never had any doubt that they knew me and my case thoroughly. They were professional and kind, and I left any encounter with them feeling uplifted. In summary, I highly recommend Willis Law, P.A. for legal counsel. It is a relief to find a lawyer who is trustworthy, skilled, hardworking, and caring.”


  • Well-prepared, On-time and Responsive

    “I have found John to be the most professional attorney exhibiting legal s kills and integrity beyond my expectations. He handled my son's Pl case with great results also. My case was water damage, mold and permanent injury. He researched and argued for my case on a monthly basis, it seemed, for over 3 years. Anything that was thrown at us by the most unprofessional defense attorneys, he was able to take before the judge and resolve the problem. It was a difficult case but he maintained ethical decision making and etiquette throughout. He was always well prepared, on time and responsive. John is well- respected in the community. He was very supportive with me in a positive but practical manner. John was always looking for the best ways to resolve the case. His negotiating skills are phenomenal. He has strength that won't back down to anyone. I believe that all his fine qualities, his professionalism, integrity, s strength, legal knowledge and ability to project that knowledge clearly - written and verbal - are the reasons he is so successful. I am proud to have had John Willis represent me. I am pleased with the settlement he negotiated. I would recommend John to represent any case, if he takes it he will do his best. And that is great!!!”

    Former Client

  • John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case! He never gave up on us!

    “We had a positive outcome to the case and we would recommend John in a heart beat!”

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