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Injury Attorney

In picking a legal firm to represent your personal injury case or civil litigation issue, it makes sense to select an attorney with a proven record of success.

With more than 20 of experience, Willis Law, P.A. has guided men and women of all different ages and backgrounds to successful resolutions in their personal injury and civil litigation cases, helping them receive the resolutions they deserve.

With a track record that includes multi-million-dollar settlements and hundreds of competently prepared trials, our firm is prepared to help you reach a favorable conclusion to your unique situation.

Contact the office today for a free case consultation. But first, please review some of the recent and noteworthy cases Willis Law, P.A. has handled.

  • $1.3 Million
    Wrongful Death

    Willis Law, P.A. has successfully recovered a massive settlement of approximately $1.3 million on behalf of the mother of a 16-year-old boy who drowned while a passenger in a vehicle with three other friends. The teens had attended a homecoming party at another friend’s house earlier in the evening, which involved drinking and smoking marijuana. After leaving the party, the teens’ vehicle, while backing up in reverse, drove off the road, down an embankment and flipped over backwards into a nearby canal at night. Three of the four boys in the vehicle drowned.

    The City had previously installed guard rails at this canal, however they were too short to stop the vehicle and did not comply with length requirements established by the Florida Department of Transportation. Attorney John A. Willis of Willis Law, P.A. filed several lawsuits on behalf of the mother of one of the deceased teens against the City, the guardrail company, the owner of the house where the party took place, and the tenant of the house.

    All defendants denied liability for the incident, citing the teenage driver’s impairment as the cause of the accident. After several years of complex litigation with multiple parties, Mr. Willis settled separately with all defendants for a total settlement of approximately $1.3 million dollars.

  • $1.3 Million
    Wrongful Death Our client’s teenage son was a passenger in a car driven by his teenage and intoxicated friend. After losing control of the vehicle, it flipped into a canal late at night, and our client’s son drowned. The teenage driver was grossly negligent for getting behind the wheel while inebriated.
  • $1,000,000 (Policy Limit)
    Wrongful Death Our client’s mother was waiting at a bus stop for her bus to arrive when a tow truck driver struck and killed her. The driver was found to have had a history of seizures, which likely contributed to the loss of vehicle control.
  • $1,000,000
    Wrongful Death A mother was waiting at the bus stop when she was struck by a tow truck, resulting in her death. The woman’s daughter filed a wrongful death/pedestrian accident claim. It was determined that the tow truck driver was known to have a history of crippling seizures, but was allowed to continue operating the vehicle anyway.
  • $500,000
    Car Accident A woman was climbing into the backseat of a car when the driver suddenly started to pull away. Her foot not yet in the vehicle was dragged painfully on the ground for some distance. It ultimately caused Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a lingering or lifelong condition.
  • $280,000
    Defective Product Attorney John A. Willis of Willis Law, P.A. recently secured a major $280,000 settlement on behalf of a client injured by a defective office chair. The plaintiff – who we will refer to as John for privacy’s sake – had purchased a home office chair from El Dorado Furniture. Upon first use, the chair fell backward, causing John to fracture a vertebrae in his back. Attorney Willis got to work and hired an expert engineer to examine the chair’s stability. The chair was ultimately found to be defective, both by the firm’s engineer and an engineer hired by El Dorado’s insurance company.
  • $270,000
    Premises Liability

    After more than a year of litigation, attorney John Willis has secured a $270,000 settlement for his client who tripped and fell in a Delray Beach restaurant.

    The client – who we will call Jane for privacy’s sake – was sitting in an elevated booth that required a step up to enter. The open end of the booth was also crowded with bar stools, making entrance to and exit from the booth a tricky situation. When Jane went to leave the booth, she fell to the hard flooring, breaking both her right knee and right foot. She developed neurological complications from the resulting trauma, which is not uncommon for victims of shattered bones and joints. To make matters worse, the restaurant’s insurance company denied any liability for the incident.

    The fight for this client was obviously going to be a challenge since the insurance provider did not want to pay out even a penny. Mr. Willis got right to work and started taking depositions from the restaurant’s employees. Through his investigations, it was revealed by the staff that they usually place bright colored tape on the step down from the booth to warn patrons and to make it easier to navigate, but that they had failed to do so on the day Jane fell.

  • $200,000 (Policy Limit)
    Wrongful Death After a man had a severe asthma attack at his home, he was able to call for an ambulance, not once but twice. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he passed out. Eventually, it did show up and took him to the hospital, where he passed away from complications of the asthma attack. Ambulance company was negligent in its unexplained delay, ultimately causing the death of the man.
  • $200,000
    Car Accident A woman was in a vehicle that was T-boned and consequently suffered a fractured pelvis. The injury required eight weeks of traction and hospitalization care, and caused continued pain.
  • $200,000
    Car Accident While driving his car, a man was T-boned by a reckless driver. He suffered right-foot transverse nondisplaced fractured through third, fourth, and fifth metatarsal heads. He also suffered neck and back herniation.
  • $190,000
    Motorcycle Accident A man was riding his motorcycle through a shopping center parking lot when he unexpectedly hit a deep pothole. The weather was poor at the time, filling the pothole with water and effectively making it invisible to him. He required four days of hospitalization for a fractured fibia and tibia.
  • $185,000
    Car Accident A teenager was driving his car when he was struck by a driver that had sped through a red light intersection. Our client suffered a fracture of his right femur, requiring surgery and placement of hardware to correct, resulting in five days of hospitalization.
  • $175,000
    Motorcycle Accident A negligent driver was in the right-hand lane and suddenly swerved to the left, trying to make an illegal left-turn. Our client was riding his motorcycle in the left lane and was cut off by the reckless driver, causing him to suffer a terrible spill. Client injuries included fractured right elbow and upper arm that needed surgery, multiple incidents of painful road rash, chipped and loosened teeth, and a head contusion.
  • $155,000 (Policy Limit)
    Wrongful Death While riding his bicycle, a man was struck by a negligent driver. Intense operations were necessary to try to save his life, including fusing his neck, making surgical reparations to his leg, and a skin graft. He was placed in a ventilator for some time before ultimately passing away from his injuries.
  • $150,000
    Car Accident A man suffered a concussion injury after being T-boned while driving his vehicle.
  • $130,000
    Car Accident A man was being driven around by his friend, who was under the influence while behind the wheel. After losing control of the vehicle, the driver crashed into a tree. The driver died and our client suffered a fractured right scapula.
  • $123,500
    Car Accident A woman was riding passenger in a vehicle when it was T-boned on her side. The resulting crash caused her to suffer a draining of hematoma to her leg.
  • $120,000
    Car Accident A man was driving his vehicle when it was T-boned by another driver. He suffered a fractured vertebra that luckily healed on its own without the need for surgical intervention.
  • $104,726
    Car Accident An intoxicated man was driving a vehicle, in which our client rode as a passenger. The drunk motorist lost control of the car and flipped it, resulting in a crash that killed another passengers and severely injured our client. He was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled, causing him to suffer two broken vertebrae, fractured pelvis, broken tibia, leg laceration that required five staples, and a severe laceration to his arm that needed thirteen staples.
  • $100,000
    Car Accident A woman’s car was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling at a much higher rate of speed, causing a devastating collision. She suffered multiple back injuries and a meniscal tear.
  • $100,000 (Policy Limit)
    Car Accident A man was driving his vehicle when he was rear-ended. The impact was strong enough to cause a back injury that needed surgery to correct.
  • $100,000 (Policy Limit)
    Motorcycle Accident A man was riding his motorcycle, obeying traffic laws, when another vehicle pulled out suddenly in front of him. The vehicle struck him, resulting in the motorcyclist’s death.
  • $100,000
    Car Accident While riding as a passenger, a teenage boy suffered a broken arm after the vehicle was T-boned.
  • $100,000
    Car Accident A male teenager was riding in a car as a passenger when the vehicle was T-boned. Our client suffered facial bone fractures and a fracture of the left orbital into his jaw. The resulting injuries were excruciating and potentially disfiguring.
  • $100,000
    Catastrophic Injuries While attempting to cross the street, a college student was struck by a reckless driver. The impact broke her left tibia in three places and required extensive surgery to correct – two nails were driven into her knee and another in her ankle. She also required eleven stitches in her left arm and right foot, and doctors also determined she had suffered bleeding in her brain.
  • $100,000 (Policy Limit)
    Wrongful Death A woman was in an emotionally fragile state and attempting to commit suicide. She was struck by a car, suffered brain trauma, and eventually succumbed to her injuries, passing away.
  • $100,000
    Wrongful Death A woman attempting to commit suicide was struck by a vehicle, experienced severe brain trauma, and eventually passed away from her injuries. Her surviving family members filed a pedestrian accident/wrongful death claim against the driver. Despite the woman’s apparent intentions, negligent handling of a motor vehicle still contributed significantly to her death.

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