What really sets Willis Law, P.A. apart is their expediency in settling cases.

My husband and I were involved in a head on collision last May. I contacted Willis Law as they had handled an accident for my husband in the past as well as handling cases for friends and family of ours and we were all extremely satisfied.

What really sets this firm apart from all the other firms is their expediency in settling cases, their experience in dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, etc. At the same time, they are there for the client walking you through your questions and concerns.

When selecting a personal injury firm to represent you, it is so important to select an attorney who has the experience and expertise to bring your case to a conclusion where you will be compensated for your injuries. We were very satisfied with the handling of our case from start to finish and we were very satisfied with the settlement that we received. I highly recommend this firm. They are the best!

- Beverly D.

5 star experience all the way!

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Willis for almost twenty years. He is success driven and detail oriented individual who strives for only the best for his clients. 5 star experience all the way!

- Scott S.

John Willis is an exceptional attorney

John Willis is an exceptional attorney I would trust him with my life! Could not recommended highly enough. If you need an attorney… call him!

- Cyndy E.

John and his team were incredibly easy to work with.

John and his team were incredibly easy to work with. We feel that they truly worked on our behalf to get the best outcome for our situation. We would highly recommend him to anyone!

- Madison R.

He is the ONLY attorney that I would go to again!

John Willis has been amazing as my attorney. He was very helpful, educated and always led me in the right direction. He is the ONLY attorney that I would go to again!!!! I have reached out to him for legal issues for 20+ years, he is a great attorney & a very nice person.

- April F.

The professionalism John showed was outstanding.

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from the Willis law firm. I chose him because I did not want to get caught up with a large law firm that spends way too much of our money advertising. I searched the internet keeping in mind of the complete information and did my due diligence and decided on the Willis law firm. I must say I was very satisfied with the results and the expediency of my case. The professionalism he showed was outstanding and Helene Handin, his Legal Assistant as well. They understood my case and provided me with the best outcome I could have asked for. Thank you, I highly recommend you speak to him before you decide on another attorney.

- Glen G.

Helene was very communicative & provided quick responses.

Helene was very communicative & provided quick responses. I highly recommend John and his staff, Helen!

- Rachel B.

John and Helene made sure I was taken care of.

I was in a horrible accident the week of my mother’s wedding. I had to postpone treatment at my own suffering. John and Helene made sure I was taken care of. They got me the treatment I needed as well as the financial backing to pay for every single medical bill plus some. I HIGHLY recommend this professional yet caring law office.

- Sara C.

Thank you John Willis!

Thank you John Willis! Great job!! Super professional and the results were better than I ever expected!!

- Von S.

I would give John Willis a 6th star if I could.

I strongly recommend Personal Injury Attorney John Willis and his Boca Raton law firm Willis Law, P.A. I have previously referred clients to John Willis and they were very happy with his legal services and had great outcomes to their cases. I will happily refer anyone injured in a car accident or fall to him in the future. I am also familiar with his law firm and his staff and find them to be quite professional and diligent in their legal representation. They keep their clients well informed and updated on the status of their claims. I would give him a 6th star if I could.

- Maria

John is amazing!

John is amazing!!!! I was originally with another attorney for my auto accident, and was very dissatisfied with the progression of my case. My friend referred me to John, and upon consulting with him; immediately felt I was in competent hands. He managed to settle my case out of court, and negotiated my medical bills down to a point where I ended up paying A LOT less than what was initially owed. I cant say enough positive statements about John. He is extremely thorough, detail oriented and comes across very experienced in his field! He took time to explain to me the process every step of the way, and I am grateful beyond words, for his help. I would recommend John Willis to anyone who needs legal counsel after an auto accident/injury. Thank you John!!

- Tracy R.

John is a truly great personal injury lawyer…

John is a truly great personal injury lawyer, and I would trust my case to him and his paralegal Helene, knowing that they would treat it with the utmost care and dedication.

- Leif B.

Highly professional.

He handled a personal injury case for my NJ client and did a great job. Client was very happy with the result. Highly professional.

- Morris Y.

Mr. Willis exuded confidence, very strong comparable experience, and a great ‘winner’ attitude.

I am thrilled to write a stunning review of Mr. John Willis. Mr. Willis took over my accident case, after having been represented on the same case by another firm for over one year and being terribly disappointed in the lack of attention my case was getting.

The initial consultation, which I attended with great trepidation, (as it is very frightening to change representation during any case), gave me the confidence that I needed, to know I would be in good hands!

Mr. Willis exuded confidence, very strong comparable experience, and a great ‘winner’ attitude, whilst being personal, caring and compassionate about my case, my injuries, and the difficult and painful road I had traveled to that point!

My post would be too long if I explained, in detail, all that Mr. Willis has done for me, that set him apart from all others, his obvious expertise and skill, and how having this particular attorney take over my case, when he did and how he did, has changed my life!

Suffice to say, that even when the opposing side refused to settle, taking the long and grueling road through a 5-day Jury Trial, Mr. Willis’s experience and commitment to me and my case really made all the difference in the world, as the tougher and tougher my case and then the Trial became! There is not a doubt that I would not have experienced the outcome that I did, had any other counselor been at that table with me! The endless preparation he had done, was so evident, the way he anticipated EVERY challenge in advance, and how he was prepared to respond with eloquence, and confidence and facts….the Jury ruled in our favor, across the board, and brought a finality that I had prayed for, but never thought I would attain! I cannot recommend, highly enough, that if anyone is looking for the best representation, when only the best will do, choose Mr. John Willis, and you will surely be in the best possible position to navigate our difficult justice system! There are no words I can say, strongly enough, to appropriately thank Mr. Willis, his assistant Helene, and the whole team at the Willis Law Firm, for all they have done and accomplished, on my behalf!

- Susan D.

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case.

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case. He never gave up on us. My wife and myself were very satisfied with John. He sat and listened to everything we had to say about the case, and we had a positive outcome to the case. We would recommend John in a heart beat.

- Gail S.

I’m really grateful for Mr. Willis.

Excellent service. Mr. Willis took care of everything for me, I was comfortable never felt pressured with any decisions whatsoever. Most importantly, kept me informed every step of the way. I’m really grateful for Mr. Willis and his Assistant Helene. Thank you guys so much.

- Shena G.

John and Helene made a harrowing and complicated experience manageable.

My daughter and I were in a traumatic 4 car accident and suffered physical injury and mental anguish. John and his assistant, Helene, came highly recommended and working with them exceeded our expectations. Throughout the lengthy recovery process they worked with us, our medical providers, and insurance company to ensure that we received the best care and service. John and Helene made a harrowing and complicated experience manageable, which I am very grateful for. They should be your 1st call if you are in need of representation due to an injury.

- Monica E.

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case. I was very much satisfied with their service and the way they handled my case. I walked up to John’s office by contacting him on phone and received me warmly. He spent enough time with me going through the case listening to every minute detail I was talking. He helped me to get good treatment and also got me compensation. I would highly recommend John Willis to all my friends in case of any auto accidents.

- Ajay B.

I highly recommend John Willis!

Phenomenal services– thank you John Willis Law, P.A.!

- Angela M.

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case! He never gave up on us!

John Willis and his secretary Helene did an outstanding job on my case! He never gave up on us. My wife and myself were very satisfied with John. He sat and listen to everything we had to say about the case. We had a positive outcome to the case and we would recommend John in a heart beat!

- Former Client

Well-prepared, on-time and responsive.

I have found John to be the most professional attorney exhibiting legal skills and integrity beyond my expectations. He handled my son’s Pl case with great results also. My case was water damage, mold and permanent injury. He researched and argued for my case on a monthly basis, it seemed, for over 3 years. Anything that was thrown at us by the most unprofessional defense attorneys, he was able to take before the judge and resolve the problem. It was a difficult case but he maintained ethical decision making and etiquette throughout. He was always well prepared, on time and responsive. John is well- respected in the community. He was very supportive with me in a positive but practical manner. John was always looking for the best ways to resolve the case. His negotiating skills are phenomenal. He has strength that won’t back down to anyone. I believe that all his fine qualities, his professionalism, integrity, s strength, legal knowledge and ability to project that knowledge clearly – written and verbal – are the reasons he is so successful. I am proud to have had John Willis represent me. I am pleased with the settlement he negotiated. I would recommend John to represent any case, if he takes it he will do his best. And that is great!!!

- Former Client

They relieved my stress and worry immediately.

Mr. Willis managed my case with effectiveness, efficiency, and with kindness. After the initial contact, Mr. Willis and his secretary, Helene, made it so that I never had to make another phone call or supply any further information. They relieved my stress and worry immediately, and that continued throughout to the conclusion of my case. Both Mr. Willis and Helene were accessible, caring, and responded to my questions quickly. I never had any doubt that they knew me and my case thoroughly. They were professional and kind, and I left any encounter with them feeling uplifted. In summary, I highly recommend Willis Law, P.A. for legal counsel. It is a relief to find a lawyer who is trustworthy, skilled, hardworking, and caring.

- Lisa W.

John Willis is wonderful.

John Willis is wonderful. I could never thank him enough for helping me with my case. Working with John Willis and his paralegal Helene was an amazing experience. I got in a car wreck and needed medical attention afterwards. As soon as the doctors office made their claim to the insurance company my phone started blowing up. I was not at fault for the wreck but I felt like I did something wrong by the way the insurance company’s kept calling me with 20 questions and repeatedly asking me the same questions over and over again. Deciding to ask for John Willis for help was the best decision I could have made. I know my case was not an easy one but that did not stop them for fighting to get me the best outcome they could. I would so recommend Willis Law, PA without any hesitation. I loved knowing I had someone like him looking out for me and if the day were to ever come again that I found myself in need of some help, he would be the first person I would call. (Originally posted on Yelp)

- Michelle S.

Dedicated and professional legal representation.

I had a personal injury and needed legal advice and assistance. After seeing all the advertisements and the unflattering commentary about Personal Injury Attorneys I was very cautious. I needed coverage for my medical bills and had no desire to get rich. John put me at ease from the beginning. He said in no uncertain terms that if I was there to get rich he would not represent me. Instead John and his excellent assistant Helene were professional and treated me as if I was their only case. Their guidance through complicated insurance claims and negotiations with the medical billing offices allowed me to concentrate on recovering from my injury. No, I did not get rich. but my claim was effectively and reasonably resolved and I could not have made it with out John and Helene. Anyone seeking dedicated and professional legal representation, Willis Law will be an excellent choice!

- David

Amazing, brilliant, compassionate, and creative.

We can honestly say that I’ve never felt more passionate about recommending anyone EVER!!! John Willis is not only fair and honest (a rare character trait these days) He keeps looking for ways to recover what is rightfully owed to you, even after you have long given up. He is amazing, BRILLIANT, compassionate, creative and tireless. He is easy to talk to you, takes his time to explain things so you’re comfortable with the information and fully understands it. He has truly become a trusted friend during this unfavorable process. I’m so grateful for him in our lives during a difficult time, it’s been a huge comfort to know he was coaching our team. John is a good family man with great values and it spills over into his interactions with his clients. I would recommend him in a heartbeat and I promise you will feel the same way when the process is over. “PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HE’S A GOOD GUY!”

- Jason M.

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