In The Media: Injury Experts

Mar 22, 2022 | Car Accidents, In the News, Personal Injury

Rear-end collisions aren’t just a daily problem in South Florida, they are the No. 1 traffic problem in America with more than two million occurring every year.

Prominent Boca Raton personal injury attorney John Willis spoke with InjuryExperts.org Senior Writer Tom Jackson about what happens if you’re involved in a rear-end collision and how to protect yourself from blame.

“The driver who rear ends another is legally presumed to be at fault,” Willis said. “However, in certain cases, the presumption can be overcome where there is a sudden stop by a driver at a time and place where it could not be reasonably expected.

“For example, a driver who abruptly brakes in bumper-to-bumper accelerating traffic or a driver in traffic who suddenly, without warning and for no good reason, slams on their brakes.” Read more of Willis’ comments at: “Who Is at Fault in a Read-End Collision?”

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