Recent Successful Case Results for Wrongful Death Claims

Nov 11, 2016 | Firm News, Wrongful Death

wrongful death case requires an attorney that is both compassionate and legally knowledgeable in order to be successful. Advocacy in the courtroom is only at its best when it is first delivered with moral support beforehand. At Willis Law, P.A., we believe that our Boca Raton wrongful death lawyer should be your first choice when you need legal help more than ever before. We also believe that our list of recent wrongful death claim settlements and case results say more than we ever could about our dedication to our clients’ wellbeing and success.

Recent wrongful death case wins – client identity kept confidential for privacy reasons – include:

  • Automobile wrongful death: Our client’s teenage son was a passenger in a car driven by his teenage and intoxicated friend. After losing control of the vehicle, it flipped into a canal late at night, and our client’s son drowned. The teenage driver was grossly negligent for getting behind the wheel while inebriated. — Settlement: $1,297,499
  • Pedestrian wrongful death accident: A woman was in an emotionally fragile state and attempting to commit suicide. She was struck by a car, suffered brain trauma, and eventually succumbed to her injuries, passing away. — Settlement: $100,000 (policy limit)
  • Wrongful death bicycle accident: While riding his bicycle, a man was struck by a negligent driver. Intense operations were necessary to try to save his life, including fusing his neck, making surgical reparations to his leg, and a skin graft. He was placed in a ventilator for some time before ultimately passing away from his injuries. — Settlement: $155,000 (policy limit)
  • Motorcycle wrongful death: A man was riding his motorcycle, obeying traffic laws, when another vehicle pulled out suddenly in front of him. The vehicle struck him, resulting in the motorcyclist’s death. — Settlement: $100,000 (policy limit)
  • Wrongful death – delay in 911 call: After a man had a severe asthma attack at his home, he was able to call for an ambulance, not once but twice. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he passed out. Eventually, it did show up and took him to the hospital, where he passed away from complications of the asthma attack. Ambulance company was negligent in its unexplained delay, ultimately causing the death of the man. — Settlement: $200,000 (policy limit)
  • Wrongful death: Our client’s mother was waiting at a bus stop for her bus to arrive when a tow truck driver struck and killed her. The driver was found to have had a history of seizures, which likely contributed to the loss of vehicle control. — Settlement: $1,000,000 (policy limit)

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