[VIDEO] I Was In A Car Accident: Insurance Company Made Me An Offer

Aug 4, 2021 | Car Accidents, FAQ Videos, Hiring a Lawyer

The insurance company made you an offer. Should you just settle your case on your own?

I get these calls throughout the year sporadically because people don’t want to spend the money on a lawyer if there’s already an offer, I understand that.

The problem is though, what’s the value of your case? So although the offer may sound good, what if your case is actually worth ten or one hundred times what they’re offering you? How do you know? The only way to know is to hire a lawyer who specializes in this and been doing it for a long time.

You’re entitled to medical bills, you’re also entitled to pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering damages are also called non-economic damages and there is no book that tells anybody what they’re worth. The only way you know is through experience. You have to hire experience.

For 27 years I’ve been representing injured victims here at Willis Law and in 27 years I can tell you whether or not you should take that offer, or whether or not you should hire us.