Attorney Willis Secures $500,000 Settlement for Injured Client

Dec 22, 2015 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

Not everything is what it seems on the surface, and that couldn’t be truer for personal injury cases. Sometimes a minor problem can unexpectedly develop into a lifelong debilitation. Such was the story for an elderly woman – we will call her Noel for confidentiality’s sake – that Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney John A. Willis recently represented.

Noel was getting into the backseat of her friend’s car when the driver inadvertently began to pull away. One of her feet was painfully dragged several yards against the asphalt as she struggled to get into the moving vehicle. An initial medical inspection diagnosed Noel with “significant spraining and bruising” – an injury but not severe. Or so it seemed. The wound began to develop into a severe, incurable neurologic disorder as a result of the trauma.

Complex ankle sprains frequently devolve into more serious conditions if the treatment does not go just as planned. In-depth testing may reveal the complications but it does not necessarily mean that corrections can be done. Walking can become difficult, even painful, if nerves in the foot are even slightly damaged or frayed. Unfortunately, Noel’s condition degenerated.

Positive Result to a Negative Situation

By submitting a substantial amount of medical documentation and working closely on the case, Attorney Willis was able to secure Noel a substantial settlement of $500,000. Most impressively of all, no lawsuit was ever actually filed. By winning the settlement out of court, time, money, and energy was saved on all fronts, benefitting everyone involved while also ensuring that Noel was provided with all the compensation required to comfortably recover.

The lesson to learn from her case is to always work with a professional attorney after you have suffered a personal injury. With their help, you can make certain that your diagnosis is fair and accurate. Furthermore, don’t settle for the first amount offered because your injury could be much worse than it seems, and require much more money to treat.

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