Attorney Willis Secures $270,000 Settlement for Trip & Fall Client

Jan 13, 2016 | Firm News, Premises Liability

After more than a year of litigation, attorney John Willis has secured a $270,000 settlement for his client who tripped and fell in a Delray Beach restaurant.

The client – who we will call Jane for privacy’s sake – was sitting in an elevated booth that required a step up to enter. The open end of the booth was also crowded with bar stools, making entrance to and exit from the booth a tricky situation. When Jane went to leave the booth, she fell to the hard flooring, breaking both her right knee and right foot. She developed neurological complications from the resulting trauma, which is not uncommon for victims of shattered bones and joints. To make matters worse, the restaurant’s insurance company denied any liability for the incident.

The fight for this client was obviously going to be a challenge since the insurance provider did not want to pay out even a penny. Mr. Willis got right to work and started taking depositions from the restaurant’s employees. Through his investigations, it was revealed by the staff that they usually place bright colored tape on the step down from the booth to warn patrons and to make it easier to navigate, but that they had failed to do so on the day Jane fell.

Every Detail Counts

premises liability case can easily turn into a “he-said/she-said” dispute. The truth is that business and property owners have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for guests and patrons who come through their doors. In this case, the client’s injury could – and should – have been prevented through reasonable precaution to warn about known safety hazards.

A premises liability case is about more than just the accident. One also has to consider the long-term implications that an accident may have for the injured person’s life. Neurological disorders caused by a bone break can cause considerable pain and may even be debilitating. The fact that the client had developed this type of disorder made it even more important for attorney Willis to pursue fair compensation which would make it easier for the client to move on with her life.

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