[VIDEO] The Police Report Listed You At Fault. Do You Still Have A Case?

Jun 2, 2021 | Car Accidents, FAQ Videos, Hiring a Lawyer

The police report listed you at fault and you received a ticket. Do you still have a case?

The answer is you may.  Police officers in 99% of accident cases do not witness the accident. Their investigation is a result of communications to people at the scene of the accident. In court that’s called hearsay. So, ultimately what the police officer determines to be the fault or the cause of the accident is not admissible in court.

We frequently have people who come into our law firm who initially got the speeding ticket or they got a ticket saying they were at fault but when we did the investigation we found out that that was just not the case. Sometimes we hire accident reconstructionists. Sometimes we have witnesses who come forward.

But the short answer is, just because a police officer blamed you, if the police officer did not witness the accident, that does not determine who is at fault.

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