$280,000 Settlement Secured for Man Injured By Defective Office Chair

Sep 23, 2016 | Personal Injury, Product Liability

Attorney John A. Willis of Willis Law, P.A. recently secured a major $280,000 settlement on behalf of a client injured by a defective office chair. The plaintiff – who we will refer to as John for privacy’s sake – had purchased a home office chair from El Dorado Furniture. Upon first use, the chair fell backward, causing John to fracture a vertebrae in his back. Attorney Willis got to work and hired an expert engineer to examine the chair’s stability. The chair was ultimately found to be defective, both by the firm’s engineer and an engineer hired by El Dorado’s insurance company.

Protecting Clients Against Dangerous Products

Product liability cases such as this can be complex ordeals which oftentimes require the collaboration between attorneys and expert engineers to determine the level of danger that a product presents. Under the law, manufacturers and sellers have a duty to thoroughly test and inspect their merchandise for potential dangers prior to being brought to market.

In the event that a dangerous product should cause harm to a consumer, whether it be due to a flaw in design or manufacturing or a failure to properly warn consumers of a product’s dangers, sellers and manufacturers can be held strictly liable for the resulting damages. In this case, John’s injuries could – and should – have been prevented if El Dorado would have conducted a thorough examination of the chair’s safety before being sold to customers.

Product liability cases concern far more than just the accident. It is important to remember the long-term implications that an accident can have on a person’s life. Fractured vertebrae similar to John’s injuries can potentially result in chronic back pain and life-altering debilitation. The severity of these injuries made it even more important for attorney Willis to pursue fair compensation which would help John recover and move on with his life.

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